Natural Ways to Dye Your Hair When You Are Pregnant

Mostly all womens love to dye their hair, but during their pregnancy they would think whether this process affect their child. Still now there are no studies proven that during pregnancy period when you make use of the dye causes miscarriage. If in case, when you feel about it there you can try out some of the natural methods when are pregnant. It is because when you make use of safe hair dye for pregnancy there you can stay free from tension.

Natural Ways to Dye Your Hair When You Are Pregnant

Natural hair dyes

Here are some of the magical dyes that you can use naturally during your pregnancy period without any hesitations as like,


If you like to darken your hair there you can use “Henna” this stuff can be used for reddish brown and used for dying your hair. When you like to change your hair dark to black hair color there you can add indigo along with it.

Black walnut hull powder

You can steep it inside the hot water which can be used for darkening your hair. If you like to darker the color you can add more powder.

Black tea of coffee

Even this tea or coffee powder can be used for darkening your hair.

In case when you wish to lighten there you can follow this,

Make use of the lemon juice

The lemon juice that is poured over your hair or when you have dried in sun would act as the best lightening agent.

Effective roots

Chamomile, calendula or the rhubarb source tea clean can be used and for this you can mix some honey for a prefect color. Both of this can be utilized for cumulative lightening effects.

If you like to make your hair turn reddish then you can make use of the tomato juice that can be used for dye, for applying this there is a need for you to soak your hair and leave it for 30 minutes and then rinse out. Beet root powder can make your hair to turn purple red in color. Even you can make use of the hibiscus and calendula flower that is mixed up with the tea that could also be added for red tones to hair.

Things that you should think about it before you buy and use

  • If in case when you have confusion still about the dye products that you have chosen are safe for you to use or not then without any second thought you can directly contact your doctor and get suggestion from them.
  • While you are starting to make use of it there is a need for you to check out whether it suits for your skin for that first you can try out through applying little dye and check out.
  • You can go through the online reviews that had been given before by the customers that would helps to know about the real status of the dye.
  • Go through the ingredient that is added along with it that helps for knowing whether all are natural or whether it cause any harm for your hair.

What are the other safe dyes that you can make use of it?

ONC natural color permanent hair color

  • This dye is packed with only the stuff that does not harm your hair.
  • It contains the organic argan oil, vitamin C and the coconut oil.
  • This dye it also used for taking care of your hair.
  • The ingredients that are added along with that would work together for moistening your hair that too without weighing.

100% natural Hannah natural powder

This powder is made up of with the pure henna leaves, after applying you can make your hair turn darker. When you like to play with the eventual shade there you can adjust out the ratio of the liquid that you make use of it for pasting. It is because this natural product does not contain any hydrogen peroxide that damage syour hair.

Interesting Keune pure permanent hair color

It works out well for improving out the structure over the time.

You can find out a pleasant smell after applying it in your hair because the ingredients would contains the argan oil, coconut oil and vitamin A and E that is added for added moisture. You can find out 37 color combination for you to choose from it, so there you don’t want to find are have a hard time in finding out the right shades.

Herbatint permanent herbal coloring gel

It acts as another safer option that helps for relieving out from the natural ingredients as like the rosemary and the walnut husk instead of the artificial ingredients. It smells more slightly when compared to the herbal dyes. After making use of it sure you can find out your hair turn more soft and moisturized.

As like this you can find out a lot of different hair dye products that you can make use of it during your pregnancy time. You can try one of the most effective as well as safe hair dye for pregnancy and get benefitted.

Why to buy the natural dye in online?

In your tight busy schedule no one would have time for preparing out the home made dye and to apply in their hair. In that situation sure these products can really help you out. It acts as the best products which you can buy and make use of it directly that too with no side effects. When you are buying in online you can get an interesting discount offers for the product that you buy as well it makes your work simple.

You can buy it and go through the instruction about how to apply and use. Then you can start using and change your hair style and rock. During your pregnancy period it is better for you to prefer only the natural ways only then it would not harm your kid who is in womb.